Ruin calls my name

by Raphael Catli

Ruin calls my name

Loveliness is the name of the game

Everyone that loved me eventually leaves

The only comfort I find is in my steed

My steed knows what I am

He knows what I long to be

A broken boy longing to be set free

Abandonment has taught me

Among the horses is where I must be

Part 1&2 of “The Rise of the Crytal King”

Written by Tim Ong

Completed Video:

Bonus Video:

 (Scene 1 and 2 were omitted from the final cut)

Scene 3

Part 1: Mechanic Diversion

The scene opens onto a village that has people screaming. As the camera shows the town littered with debris and destruction, the ninja make their way to the scene.

Scene 4

As people are running and hiding. The ninja ask questions to the village folk about what the attacker looks like. After getting information from several people, they are able to figure out that the vandalizer is the mechanic.

Lloyd: What’s going on here? Why are people screaming?! Townsman Tom: The Mechanic! He’s terrorizing our town! (Flees)

Lloyd: The Mechanic? Oh please, what’s the worst this guy can do? Hack our phones so they say “Obey the Mechanic?”

Zane: Illogical, the Mechanic has been behind 39 other unsolved crimes, he is smarter than that.

Jay: I keep telling you, we should upgrade Zane’s humor coding

The camera quickly cuts to the mechanic burning a house with his mechanic arm and then shows the ninja in shock


They all split up to go look for him feeling as though taking them down will be relatively easy. The ninja are seen going in different directions where then the scene changes focus to Lloyd, who is wandering around looking for the mechanic when they hear a strange noise coming from a dark alley. After walking towards it to inspect it, they get snatched and pulled into the darkness.

Lloyd: Alright Mechanic.. It’s over! Come out! Lloyd: Wait.. what’s that?

Lloyd finds a crate and goes to inspect it before getting zapped by the Mechanic Lloyd: Is that.. Vengestone? –AHHH!

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My lover was a day

As time changes we all grow different 

As time changes we all change with it

As time changed my mind still said redundant things

My mind still said were meant to be

My mind said that it wasn´t savory as it could be

My mind changed to say you could be my love again

Staring down the light you can find me in the tunnel

Straight down the road, you can find me with a sign

Sitting very still with my mind on my grind

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I sometimes really wonderd if it was ever truly real

Keeping up my hope and wishing for your callback

Breaking down the dwell of my intrinsic-anxieties

If you ever knew to stray away from my path

To keep yourself in limbo and hang by my threads

You probably would have never known about the things I would say

The lies, I beheld with my face tuned in with Gray

Sleeping in my hole in my cosmic fractured insecurities

Reaching for the point with my mind on its sway

Seeming out of reach as you reached me at light speed

To sing about my love and lie with no responsibility 

To keep you in touch so you can always hear me

Further down the road, you can find my mind

Saying I could get by with your lies

To figure my love was never true

Office Spectacle

by: Jesus Diaz

INT. Office space-day

A Woman sits still at her desk, this is our protagonist who will remain unnamed. She simply sits there staring off into space into her computer’s deepest soul. As she stays there looking off at the computer, we can see in her own face that a part of her remains unfulfilled in the life she holds.

Narrator (v.o)

This woman has been working here at this place for nearly the last 3 years of her life. She is usually well-sound and happy-hearted in her workplace. Many of her fellow workers are happy to have her around

Another woman begins to walk towards the Woman, drooling off at her desk; this is The Boss.

The boss

You ain’t done shit all day today. What the hell is wrong with you.


Large Text Appears that says: The Boss

Narrator (V.o)

To a possible large surprise of many. The largest one here is actually the only individual to be seen within miles on end who does not take a kind approach to speaking with her is the boss themselves.

The boss

Quite sick of your shit. Get it together and get to work.

The Boss begins to walk back off away from the Woman’s cubicle; the Woman looks at her as she walks off. When the boss is no longer visible in her sight, she begins frantically typing on her computer to look through the U.N. goals. As she browses through them, the narrator begins to speak again.

Narrator (v.o)

You see. Our lovely unnamed worker here has been having a slight bit of an off week. One of severe existential crises. Quite literally, causing her to question nearly every event in her life. Especially beginning to question her place here in this job and society. She works here 8 hours every day with a single 30-minute break each shift, except for Sunday, where she can receive the full day off. Somewhat useless to her, given that she then stays at church in the morning for 4 hours. Not that it would matter to her, for lots of free time, she can’t afford many activities due to just how little she is paid for her work.

The Woman looks over to the time on her computer, the time for her break is finally almost here. She begins to drool with excitement as the final minute begins to hit, allowing her 30-minute break to sink in.

The woman

(softly) It’s all finally over.

She gets up from her desk and begins to walk off to go get herself some food.

Int. Cafeteria-day

The Woman gets her food and begins to go sit at the table; the camera zooms onto her food, revealing a rather unappetizing meal that she begins to eat with glee.

Narrator (v.o)

In her mind, this is the best meal of the day. She never manages to truly eat much. A simple cafeteria lunch on her break causes the happiest of sensations in her bones.


INT. Office space-day

The Woman is back at her desk, typing away as her miserable life ticks by and by.

The clock is now much more in the frame, able to be seen by the audience. The Woman begins to look over at the clock as her eyes begin to widen with excitement, but more so a sense of a shimmer of light in her despair-filled world.

The woman

Finally, it’s almost over, I think I’ll be fine.

In her voice, her shakiness and scarred trauma in the life she lives is highly noticeable.

Narrator (v.o)

The end of the day begins to rise, and the Woman will finally be able to go home to her lovely little world that she partakes in. A lovely world based upon the dreams she was told would be hers as a young child. Not to represent what the present holds, but what would simply just be another little factor of her own self-imposed lore, her own little moment of despair in the underdog story she always wanted to believe was hers.

The time finally hits, it’s the end of the day and the Woman stands up and begins to run out with excitement as she can finally get out of work.

The woman

This is it, this is it, this is it.

Fade to:

EXT. Her boxy house-dusk

The camera takes note of her boxy house sitting still in a hallway; she begins to walk up to her lovely little box.

Narrator (v.o)

This is the world and lovely little domain she retreats herself to every single day, after 8 hours, she happily sleeps in the best piece of shelter she can afford; this is what her life has come to and will most likely always continue to be. A simple box in her alleyway is all so far, the only thing her dreams have allowed her to obtain, truly shining glamour in her eyes.

She sits down in her box with a smile on her face, she gets a blanket and her pillow and begins to lie down, slowly falling asleep.

The camera lingers on her sleeping in her box as the image slowly begins to fade.

Fade to:


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