The Queen of Mordan by Ashley Williams

     Nephelle, the young Queen of Mordan, gazed out of the open palace windows. She breathed in the crisp, pine-scented air, steeling herself for the day to come. Walking down the halls of her home, she paused before a mirror, examining herself one last time. She had carefully selected her finest attire for the meeting today.

     She wore a long, flowing gown, in blurred shades of white and pale gray, like a snowdrift. She had swept her long, ebony curls over one shoulder, pinning them to the side with an opal comb. As a finishing touch, she’d lined her eyes with thin streaks of kohl, her only touch of makeup. Her eyes were heterochromatic, and the darkness of the kohl highlighted the boldness of the sapphire in her upper left eye, while sharply contrasting with the paleness of her skin and the dominant smoky-gray shade of her eyes. After adorning herself with jewels and placing her silvery crown atop her head, she’d deemed her outfit complete and suitable for today’s activities.

     Nephelle’s wife had already left for the meeting, so she knew there was no use in waiting, yet she was still reluctant to leave. She hated meeting days. With one last sigh and glance out the windows at her snow-covered kingdom, she decided to leave. Nephelle used her magic, dissolving into the wind and speeding on her way. Continue reading “The Queen of Mordan by Ashley Williams”

Narrative by Amari Sims and Tracy Lawrence

Never is an insult to the actual reality because now, the boy has become a man. No one Is here to help to provide or care for the boy. It is officially the one dream that came true. Never did it cross his mind to hold so dearly onto the reality he once had. Every day was the longest and could’ve been the last. Though every lesson stuck him like the tears that stuck to his face. In all cases, this was the worst position to be in. Nevertheless, the fire within the boy kept him moving.

Continue reading “Narrative by Amari Sims and Tracy Lawrence”

Halloween Story by Joel Ocloo

     It was the morning of Halloween and my mom was driving me and my little brother to school. I sat in the front passenger seat feeling more comfortable than usual. It was probably because of how cold it was outside and how warm it was inside the car.

     The heated seat feature, which my mom’s car had, was definitely one major orchestrator of my unexplainable comfort. I had stayed up really late watching Family Guy so I took this as an opportunity to get a bit of sleep before I got to school. Continue reading “Halloween Story by Joel Ocloo”

Notice me

Whenever I’m around you I remember how butterflies feel like. Whenever I’m around you everyone else around me becomes irrelevant because you’re the only person that matters to me. I’ve fallen in live you with and it hurts. It hurts because you will never know. To you, I’m just a regular person that doesn’t mean anything to you. But to me you’re everything. This pain that I feel every day all day makes me want to just cry all day. The thought of you not being with me causes my anxiety to go sky high. I’m in love with you and you will never know. You’ll never know how much I care about you and how much I hate it when people talk badly about you. It makes me want to hurt them, I would bend over backward for you. I don’t exist in your world but I want to. Continue reading “Notice me”

to me

Everything was silent.

My leaves rustled in the breeze.

Things have been changing lately.

The man who came into this hidden clearing every so often had been different. His visits were more frequent, and he was no longer just sitting and thinking, no longer just coming to this place to allow himself to breathe. When he came – which was nearly every day – he came in rage, grief, fear. I was not sure what was causing him to enter this secret place and weep and tear the limbs of my brothers to pieces. But he came. He exploded. He let out every emotion that had been building up inside of him. And then he left. Continue reading “to me”

I Don’t Have a Dream; I Have a Vision by Asianna Brown

We all are familiar with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, stating that he wishes for equality among all citizens in America, and that has partially come true with the ending of segregation and voting rights for African Americans. Like him, I too have wanted the best for everybody; however, instead of a dream, I have a vision of the future that I know will come true one day with the help of this generation and younger generations Continue reading “I Don’t Have a Dream; I Have a Vision by Asianna Brown”

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