I am a female
And let me tell you a tale
About society

In reality
We like to believe
That because of our gender
We must be tender and not tough

Females can’t be rough
Or else we’re not viewed in such
A manner men call beautiful

Men think we must follow the rule
Of fragility
While they have durability
But this mindset creates a disability
And a war between the sexes

It’s a reckless
Behavior of the past
And some people want to last
So they cast out those against the norms

Because based on that form
From your birth, your gender determines
What certifications
You should look for

We’ve been worn and torn
But women aren’t the only ones scorned

Little boys grow up
With the underdeveloped
Mindset that they are superior
While women are inferior

“You run like a girl”
Is an insult, they so curl their hands into a fist
And list all the ways they are manly
Especially to their family

They do this, they do that
And because they are strong, they want a pat on the back
They track all of it
Because as a kid they learned of this thing called sexism

But they didn’t have a label
All cards were dealt for them on the table
By the man of the house
Who sought to give them a douse
Of masculinity

So thank you society
For trying to keep me from how I want to be
And teaching children that they aren’t free

A.B. 04/06/17

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