You’re Not My Lover! by Heaven Glover

You’re not my lover,

You made me a monster.

What’s the odds of you putting your jacket on the ground, so I could walk over a puddle?

What’s the odds of me loving you?

What’s the odds of you loving me?

Why can’t that us, become a “we”?

As in teamwork…

Can it work?

Will it work?

I can’t do it!

Your frustrating me!

I Love You.

But, I know we’ll never be…

My king.

Also, my demon…

You’re my worst enemy because you gave me love to believe in.

You’re not my lover!

You knew you were my weakness, broke my heart and now I’m over here bobbing and weaving.

My next pray to love,

You gave me heartburn.

But, now I’m cold as ice…

And it’s all your fault.

You said that I’d be your wife,

But now know the truth.

You had me fall in love, just to stab my back really deep with a knife.

You’re Not My Lover!

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