Dear Acne by Evangeline Bryant

I loath you.

I curse you.

I murder you.




You love my grimace.

You will never leave me,

No matter how many times I dig my nails into you.

You turned me into a fool.

No matter what I try,

You always leave a mark.

Another reminder of my imperfection.

You will never leave me

Because you find comfort in my insecurity.

You laugh when I speak vividly

Of scraping my face off.

There is nothing more I can do.

So I decorate my face

With paint.

And you stay warm underneath.


-Evangeline Bryant

6 thoughts on “Dear Acne by Evangeline Bryant

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  1. the reason why this poem is a decently good one is because the acne is used to symbolize how teenagers feel when they go through puberty. They feel ugly and anxious around others and feel disconnected.


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