Red by Amber Roberts

The Logical Thinker by Cynthia Ocloo

On the day of love everyone cheers and gives

Chocolate becomes sweet and melts in the mouth

As red and pink become the mascots of our hearts.

Now, no one likes the logical thinking of the day of love

Hearts are not shaped like that, and love does not drop from above.

 Hearts are the real blood pumping system.

The circulatory system is not the cause of the emotional reaction,

Neither your lustful actions.

The logical thinking

Is not the smile she gives you

It’s not your heart pumping because of the teddy bear you recieved

   Your heart pumps because you were not left out of this festive eve.

The chemical reaction in your brain makes your heart pound to send more blood to your head

It’s the technicality in your body instead.

The logical thinking of the day of love

Is the broadcasting and money commercials you sought

The day of love is the day most things are bought.

I do not discourage you on the day of love

I only tell you as the logical thinker

As love is the best feeling,

It barely occurs on the day you anticipate this dealing…

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