Meade Mustang IB Short Film Showcase by the Seniors in the IB Film Class

The seniors of 2018  offer you a rare and personal opportunity to be an active participant in their viewing public. Please view all films with an open mind. Students have created short films from a wide field of genres and topics. Some present challenges to how we think. Some offer deep insight into the social currents of their world. Some might make you laugh and some might make you cry. Some will educate and some will entertain.

At the least, all of them will make you think. 

IB Films 2018

Juice directed by Dakarai Dunbar

A modern  telling of a girl trapped in a nightmare. This creative take on the  classic chase scene might make you thirsty!

We Need to Talk directed by Christina Huang

This story of love lost is told using techniques from the very beginning of  film in the silent era. See if you can follow the back and forth of a teenage heart.

In a Split Second directed by Sholape Bakare

Life can change in milliseconds. Using a strong cast and a familiar setting; this  short will make you think and appreciate the moment you are in.

Shut directed by Angel Galutira

A horror, holding tight to the genre, will reveal the possibility of tortured souls among us.  You never know where they might be stuck.

Obsessed directed by Ella Afebuame

This classic thriller will have you guessing,  and questioning, the  goodness and evil of  the characters until the very end of the film.

Wiz of the Aud directed by Catherine Rankin 

Did you make it to see the Meade High School’s spring musical, The Wizard of Oz? Do you wonder what goes into pulling off such a  complex show? What does the thespian rendition of the locker room speech sound like? Find out in this original documentary.

An IB Film about  an IB Film directed by Eleana Zill  

After meticulously studying the timing, camera placement and body  language in the hit series The Office ; Zill created a comedic  masterpiece that will have you grinning each time  the characters break the fourth wall.

Leila and Alex directed by Zion Jones

In this day  and age, films that portray  pure and innocent  intentions  are often overlooked or skipped over in favor of fantastic violence. Give credit to this student director for  transporting us into  a tender love story.

Abandon Beta  Animated by Shaun Carter

This experimental film delves into a post-apocalyptic world. What is reality? Enjoy this animated piece with original sound effects.

Pentastic directed by Emily Wise and edited by Alicia Mitchell

In this park and Rec inspired odyssey,  follow the main character as she sets out to conquer the world…sale at a time.


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