The 2019–20 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Visionary Kids Contest

The 2019–20 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Visionary Kids Contest.
Art, Film, Essay/Poem, or Performance. Open to AACPS students grades 6-12
Deadline: December 18, 2019
This year’s theme:
The Time is Always Right
to do What’s Right:
In 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. told a group of students,
“The time is always right to do what’s right.” Dr. King was
referencing the recent turmoil and violence in our country,
but through a vision and hope for peace. As the theme for the
2020 MLK, Jr. Memorial breakfast, we encourage you to reflect
upon what this statement means to you, as a future leader
and change agent for peace and equality for all.

One High School Senior will receive a
$1000 MLK Visionary
Kids Contest Scholarship
to the College, Career, or
Technical School of their choice.
Scholarship provided by the
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast Committee
MLK Breakfast tickets will be awarded to:
Middle school contest winners (3)
High School (grades 9-11) winners (3)
Senior Runners-up (3)
Senior Scholarship Contest winner (1)


Who: Middle & High School students

When: Projects are due December 18, 2019

Where: Deliver to the Visual Arts Office at the Board of Education at 2644 Riva Road Annapolis, 21401.

Please label your submission MLK Visionary Kids Contest. Videos of your speech, dance, song, performance and or artwork must be included. All entries must be the student’s original creation. One entry per person so pick your best piece!

Please Note—to qualify, entries must include: • Project Title • Student’s name • Student’s age • Teacher’s name & school • Parent’s phone number, email, and mailing address (if available)

Project Criteria: Each submission must reflect the principles of social justice, civility and/or equality for all that Dr. King advocated for during his life. Submissions must be appropriate for all audiences (e.g., kid-friendly with no violence, inappropriate language, or mature themes) as determined by the MLK Breakfast Committee and/or Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

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