“An Adventure Gone Wrong” by Lucas Anderson

Closer and Closer it came, it was getting bigger and bigger until it’s silhouette cast a large shadow over my trembling body. My mind plagued with terrible thoughts, ranging from; “I was right!” to “I’m going to die here.” A squeaky-sounding gasp emits from my throat as the sharp claws and large, bared and snarling canines came into view, in panicked response to the sound, my hands slammed over my mouth. My fate was waiting to crash down upon me…

“Are you sure this rumour is true?” My friend, Trinity, questions as we carefully trek through the dark, damp and silent forest near the towns edge. She still didn’t believe the myth that was spreading like wildfire around the small town we lived in, especially the topic being about a so-called ‘Wolf-Man’. 

“It has to be real, the evidence was there, even an abnormally large paw print identical to that of a wolf,” I respond defensively, as the study of Anthropology and Lycanthropy were quite interesting and important topics to my own studies. Despite having a fear of meeting the creature face-to-face, the proof of the existence of one of those rare myths would be wonderful to see in person. 

“It could be a hoax”

“But how would we know if we don’t go and see for ourselves?”

Before she responded to my question, Trinity appeared to ponder about it, until finally shrugging in response and saying, “Maybe we will never know.” Which, to that, she had a point as it would be difficult to discover a Lycan considering they only appeared during the night of a full moon, and were quite dangerous beasts themselves. 

“We have to, it would be revolutionary to know that the Myths exist,” I respond, pointing my flashlight in the direction ahead of us, the only sound surrounding us was our own voices and crickets chirping in the background. 

Almost as if one cue, a deep, low-sounding howl can be heard close by, stopping the both of us in our tracks, before silently cutting itself off. Looking at one another, the look upon Trinity’s face almost instantly explained the words she was about to say;

“Now, let’s not get to-”

Before she could finish her sentence, and despite my overwhelming fear and anxiety coursing through my veins, the fight-or-flight instinct telling me to run away from the possible danger, I dart in the direction of the howl. “That could be the Lycan!” I shout back to Trinity before almost disappearing between the variety of bushes and trees that line the forest. 

“Hey! Wait-” Trinity stops mid-sentence before groaning loudly in annoyance, but also slight amusement, before starting to chase after me, not in curiously of the creature that emitted the howl itself, but in worry for my safety. Which luckily, is one of her best instincts for her friends. 

Lucas! LUCAS!”

I can hear someone calling my name, fear and panic lacing throughout their voice, as it sounds familiar, like someone I know quite well, someone like.. “Trinity?” Despite the large silhouette looming over me, I call out to my friend, only alerting the beast of another’s presence. 

Trinity was standing a few feet away from the large Lycan, wielding what appears to be a knife in her hand, as cuts, bruises and scrapes litter her body, most likely from scavenging through the forest in search for me. As the Werewolf had turned to face my friend, she lets out a warcry before charging at the beast, knife held up in the air to strike down against the creature, but it raises the large, sharp claws up as well, ready to protect itself against someone who was only five foot four, compared to the beast itself, which was around seven feet tall.

Panic shot through me like electrocution in fear for my friends shafetly, so carefully grabbing the pocket knife in my back pocket, that I carry around with me for defense reasonings, and quickly stab the knife into its back to distract it from me friend, who skids to a halt after the creature roars in agony. 

As I quickly get to my feet and take a few steps back to dodge the flailing the Lycan was doing to remove the knife that was lodged into its back, the creature instead directs its attention on me and before I could react, the large claws were slicing right against from stomach, ripping the shirt and the thin skin itself, retching a sharp gasp out of my throat. Wrapping my arms around my stomach and dropping to my knees while my eyes burn and blur with overcoming tears, I glance up at the beast who’s claws drip with a deep red liquid; blood.

I couldn’t fight back, even if I tried. 

As the Lycan was ready to finish the blow, my friend quickly acts on instinct, and jabs the knife sharply into the creatures back, causing it to rear back and screech in pain, before dropping to the ground and emitting whimpers. Instead of worrying about the creature currently bleeding on the forest ground, my friend rushes to my aid as I moved positions to laying against my own side while clutching my stomach. Trinity carefully moves me into her lap, taking the extra jacket she had tied around her waist and removing it, before wrapping it around my bleeding stomach to help prevent any more blood loss. 

All I could do was whimper in response, laying my head against her chest and a small trickle of blood drips down from my mouth and nose, as I could feel her move around the grab the phone from her pants pocket. Placing one of my bloodified hands against her stomach, the other one laying limply at my side, my gaz drowsily meets her own terrified, worried and tear-filled eyes as she contacts the medical services to warn them of the current situation, using her free hand to gently stroke my head. 

The last thing I hear before darkness decides to close around me as my eyes drift shut is my friend speaking to the authorities and informing them she will explain the incident there as she needed medics quickly, the final words I could hear were, “Hang in there Luke, help is coming.” 

What will happen next?

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