My Black Queens by Jazmin Wilson

What is a king without his queen?

She is the epitome of my being

Beauty skin deep

She will knock you off your feet

Light skin

Dark skin

Your skin

My skin

Brown Skin


Show stopping

Booty poppin

Black girl

You see

She birthed me,

my queen

It took me a while to see

How could you deny thee?

Whose hair is her crown and joy

She makes the whole world make some noise

As they stop and stare

Strong, even when she can’t bare

It’s rise and fall of her chest

The head of my family, carrying the royal crest

Since the beginning of time,

We’ve fed the world with her breast

So when they tell her she’s not enough

I tell them she was born tough.

Holds her head up high

She ain’t gotta be shy

They wish they had it

I call it black girl magic!

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