“Midnighter’s Limousine Dream” by Jesus Diaz

Wake up at the back of the limousine
Blood on my hand and a bow on my back
My hand of blood and thorns of roses pulls out this bow of cupid
I’m bleeding
Lots and lots of blood
But I’m not dying
Something is stopping me from dying
This white texture of the limousine filled with gray mechanical clogs with the shaping of a city
like circus
A true dream world
But I want to leave
This is a dream
But it’s not my dream

I walk
I run
But this limousine isn’t ending
No door
And black windows
I pass by faces
People I think
But they feel like mind-numbing insect
Some splattered with blood yet looking comfortable in a suit sitting to the side
Í pass by small hot tubs
Death and torcher machines
Tables with glass and liquor with the power of a poison
I keep running
Running until I find the end
And I find it
But I find something else
A woman
A woman in a skirt and hoodie
But a very noticeable feature of having a Japanese doll attached to her head with a string
Her eyes are brown
The eyes of a fake innocence
A pale demander and subtle evil
I grab her neck
And choke it
I strangle it
Until she dies
Her breath gone
Gone to shame
I wanted out of this dream
I wanted out of this limousine
She stood behind the glass
Behind that glass is a shiny bright white light
I hit that glass
I hit it hard
Its breaking slowly
It’s glowing and glitching like a TV screen
But it isn’t shattering
I’m giving up
My mind is dwindling
I’m slowly dying
I use the last of my mind knowing it will make me bleed only more
And bang my head against the glass
Finally, shattering it
Finally free
Finally, free from this limousine
Finally, free from this dream.

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