We Could Be Juicy by Jesse Diaz

(Work in progress for non-fiction writing contest.)

Self-confidence has always been something the average American teen in the 21st century struggles towards, the movement in time in which the stars of space begin to circulate deeply into a plethora of abnormal gasses. Despite the fact, I’m sure that we already have so many but perhaps if scientist were able to deeply look deeper into the vastness of chemicals and space and elements and whatever other sciencey shit people smarter than me get their rocks off to with big giant busty big ass eyeballs than perhaps the world may or may not accelerate at a vastly superior pace than it is right now. It would be so egregiously cute if it was possible for the nerds of the world to recognize funny little gasses that make a fart 11% less smelly, harboring into the vacuum of outer worlds. I am so grateful for people smarter than me-truly. I adore them, actually. They give me room to think about space farts instead of indulging in whatever the Spanish teacher is speaking about. Truthfully, I don’t consider myself a bad kid, both in terms of grades and behavior. I’m an A, B, there may or may not be one C honor roll student who spends his free time in the study of filmmaking and other arts like writing. I’m a rather polite and shy little boy, most of the time, if I get to know you like a true friend, I am the edgiest troll of the century, a straight rebellious G spouting the most edgelord humor to grace the ear-holes of your ear-drums. Truly-absolute. But I have flaws too, I am shy. Too shy, I lack self-confidence and for as much fun as I have acting like the adult with too much self awareness. I am at the end of the day the adult…with too much self awareness. But why let yourself go nutty to become a teen, as long as one drenches themselves in irony and satire, you feel you can protect yourself yeah? 

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I always had that mindset, for a while, actually. Since 5th grade more accurately, to put into theory, I have put myself in a very obscene position for the last 5 years of my life that I tend to feel most around me don’t. Truly, I always want to put myself into the organic life of the man who does 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and the moistest skin care routine I possibly can. If the audience I entertain in my mind was unable to tell, I do love making dynamical movie references. 

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