Experiment 002: Quintessential Comedy By: Jesse Diaz

Why do I joke so often?

When you grow up you never divulge in the catalyst of your own self-contained world

The world is always simply self-contained


Your own world is

But aiming toward others is a human attribute is it not?

Maybe when the world was different

we were among the individuals in society who would rebel




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But I know nothing of those days according to the elders

I was never there

No matter how many Movies I watched

Songs I listened to

My studies

The books


It could never have been enough

Not for you at least

I miss it nonetheless

I miss talky neon lightly lights, glowing cars, and David Hasselhoff

How can I?

I just do

I am very sure back in these days I could joke

I could liberate

I could indulge and I could talk.

I don’t feel like I could do that anymore

Not for her, not for me

Not for anyone.

I could try for a while, but that is only a while

I wish I could grow up older

Back when I could talk

Back when the countries would never hate me

Back when comedy was quintessential

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