My Literally Me Perspective

My Literally Me Perspective

Anon is currently speaking inside his own head squabbling in depression with what he would consider inner poetic justice. However he cannot rhyme due to his obscene anger at the world and more specifically  his crush and her new boyfriend. (V.O)


Damn I say!

A god damn if you will

My ear is piercing 

Nothing is truly clear.

Now, across from here

She is with him 

How can they love each other so dearly?

His love for her can’t be real

It can never be

It must be fake

It could  be a lie

There is no truth in his love

It could never be like mine.

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They could never love like I do

Not many could

I am a special case

I am surreal deal

I can laugh but not cry

I like to think I am an extra bit real.

No I would never have to

I’m not a man who needs to think

I actually just always know

Truly all the time

I am literally me.

I am literally just like all my favorites

I am literally Bateman

I am literally the Batman

Actually I am just like Ed Norton in fight club

My personality is raw and different. 

So why in the hell

Could she not be with me?

What were the rules against it?

That guy will only ever be him

But I was always literally me.

A shitposter if you will

I have no depression

No need to see a therapist

I am a special type of person

Brimmed with justice and no consolation.

So why the hell

Am I only the ¨he¨ and never ¨him¨

I can never be the main character

Always an outsider

Always afraid.

I live in the background

Deep within my own dread

Just reading the books

Watching my movies

Lovingly eating my sushi.

A girl like her

She could never like someone.

Someone so literally me

She is a pretty doll

While I am a goblin.

All I can do his watch and stare

As they drink their tea

And listen as my friend gags with laughter

As he watches me gleefully

As I hit all the stages of my despair.

His laughter and happiness begin to move onto me

I am actually feeling quite funny

It may never be so bad to let out a little laugh

It is all just highschool after all

All here will never really matter.

That’s what I like to think

I always have them anyways

The moments of despair.

I’ll just go ahead and move on from her

Like I always do.

My friend assures me to not care

I suppose I guess I won’t

For now I wont know if it will matter

I am only 16 after all

Just for now I will continue to be just me.

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