Slave by A.B.

It’s sad to realize
That your whole life might have been a lie
Because people want to hide
Your true identity and deny
Your ancestry

Like, where am I from
I’ve been raised on kingdom come
But all that I’ve done
Is question how things are run
For instance, how we got here

We were not immigrants
We are the remnants
Of those who survived captivement
Taken from their land, entrapment
On the “land of the free”
Forced to believe in another history
Taken away and forced into slavery

Discrimination was born
And we have worn
The scars of the past and mourn
Those who fought for change
And died
They were slain
The chain of history has locked the truth away

Pay attention when I say
That history is a false story so that we may
Believe that things had to go this way
And black people had to pay
All those who were different had no say
In their life

Take a moment to educate yourself
Because history as you know it isn’t completely true
They’re trying to brainwash you
Into being another human being
Understand that this is true

By playing into their hands
You’ve already given them the chance
To dance on your grave
Because now you are a slave in history

A.B. 03/17/17


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