The Unfinished Journey

Peering down are the eyes of hate, equality obsolete

Tired of taking commands unwillingly

Women’s purity seized, the evil of man

Negroes put on the market like houses

All in the darkness led by slavery

Defined by one’s skin

Waking up as property

Tilling the land from dawn ‘til nightfall

Severely chastised

And lynched.

Who to change this?

Where to start?


The possible outcome?

For what reasons?

The want for: change,

A better life for the upcoming generation,

Freedom and equality for all of mankind,

The right of civil disobedience

And “The Birth of a NEW Nation.”

The brown boy from Virginia

Sold for land

Educator for the peasants

Son of the head ruler

And a frequent runaway

It took his inclination and courage

His violent uproar, along with 65 other abolitionists

His mass execution rebellion of hundreds

His determination

It took Nat Turner

It was his destiny,

The chosen one by God,

His belief in signs

And voices from above,

It was his purpose

In the aftermath,

Education was eliminated,

Reading a wrongdoing,

They tried to teach it confidentially,

But blacks still became illiterate

Negroes were apprehended,

Then executed,

Stricter conditions enforced in the Confederate state,

The rise of white supremacy

And his lifeless body suspended in the air.

Believing the Klan is “superior”

“Head Chief”


“The ideal rulers”

And “commander”

A revolution that was short lived

We find that history has relapsed

#Blacklivesmatter is our new reality

Who’s the next victim?

There’s work that needs to be done!

An activist movement,

Campaigning against violence on African Americans,

Working to break the silence,

Protesting and Marching

To rebuild black life

We now “have to be;”




And “gunned down” because “we are dangerous.”

“Is this America?”

“The land of the free,

And the home of the brave?”


Where we pursue happiness?

Who to change this?

Where to start?


The possible outcome?

For what reasons?


“I can’t breathe’’’

“It’s my constitutional right”

“I didn’t do anything”

We hear them crying out

Wanting justice for: the Trayvon Martin’s

The Mike Brown’s

The Freddie Grey’s

The Sandra Bland’s

And the Eric Garner’s

Communities wanting answers!

Wondering why?

Mothers weeping in pain!

Equality underway,

But still, there’s work that needs to be done!

It will take a miracle,

The unity of the people,

The cease of teaching hate

So we can stand together

And fight for EQUALITY!

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