Missing by A.B.

All lives matter right?
It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white?
But please explain to me why
There’s nobody on our sidelines
When we disappear

When we are killed
We are blamed for the whole deal
Claims that what we did was steal
So they sent a whole field
of bad cops to “settle” things

We’re disappearing
From our homes and there’s a lack of caring
About those who are like me
Although we’re all human beings
No one seems to pay attention to the little brown girls

In this world
There’s belief that we deserve it
Because we “fit” the crime
And every single time
They point to the those stereotyped

But still, all lives matter?
Have you paid attention to the factor
That we are still being captured?
Nobody is looking for us
Because the media has hushed itself
When it’s about colored girls gone missing

We’re disappearing, can’t you see
I’m a black girl near DC
Scared because I am me
And colored girls keep disappearing

A.B. 03/24/17

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