Don’t detest downers deviating from drowning.
I am not a damsel in distress.
I am dubious,

doubting despair and darkness.
Don’t worry,

I desire greatness not delight.
People daring to drag me down the depths of depression,

but I am a diamond desperate to be discovered.
Dugout from the domineering people around me,

the distress is distinct,


and in disarray.

The difference between disappointment and disapproval derive on the daily detail of development and design of decisions.
I am dependent on democracy and defend the dauntless.
My demeanor may be depicted as dejected;

some describe me as diffident,

but I am discreet.
The discrepancy of my dissimulate attitude are deceiving and distort my determination.

This may deliver as a death sentence that will desert me in the dust of destruction,

but I am a descendant who developed a soul that is death-defying,

and you may call me Asia.

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