A dream nightmare by Cynthia Ocloo

It sat there in its dark bubble as it watched bright colors pass it’s eyes.

To be stuck watching was not what it did. To be stuck in a dream was a nightmare for it.

To trap is what it seeks and to kill was a vengence against her meat.


Her eyes fell shut easily as she succumbed into an empty dream that felt too good.

The mild storm pouring outside, created a beautiful rhythm against her floor to ceiling window. She felt comfortable. With the world like this it would be too good to give away, she thought as she smiled in her sleep. The smile slowly faded when she sensed fingertips brush the hairs of her arm.

Her eyes snapped open to the feeling as she shivered from the horrible sensation. It felt so real, she thought Was that even a dream? Her heavy eyes searched her surroundings but nothing was out of the ordinary. She wanted to get up to switch on her desk lamp but thought against it. Whatever that was around, could capture me.

With her juvenile thoughts running wild, lightning flashed across her window, casting a shadow against the wall of her bedroom. She jerked up into a seated position in panic.

Her breathing loud to her ears, she searched again but nothing was there. Eyes still searching and heart frantically beating, she layed back down. There’s nothing there, you are just being paranoid. She thought trying to convince herself..

Her eyes began getting heavier as sleep persuaded her. The rhythm of the rain wasn’t helping; it only made her more tired from her being sleep deprived for two days just because of work. Her body instinctively relaxed and fell into a dream state once again.

She released a calming breath.

She had fallen into the dream she had before. Instead of the dream having its nice warm sensation as the first, it gave her the horrible feeling of fear. She knew the thing that came as her nightmare was there but all she could see was a blanket of nothingness.

A low sinister chuckle echoed in the empty space she was in. Before she could react the thing had clasped it’s hand over her mouth.

Her eyes instantly snapped open for the seconded time the same night. Her body shook as she panted into her pillow. Her throat clogged with fear.

Still feeling the imprint of it’s hands upon her mouth her fingertips went up to feel her lips. She searched around again and again and again. Was someone in her room or was it her mind?

   The beats of the rain against her window became taunting and the heavy winds began to sound like souls in agony.

    Unable to take this any longer she decided to get up from her bed but she was stuck.

Paralyzed in her own bed. She struggled, trying to move her legs but it was with no use. She screamed. Realizing that no sound came out her breathing quickened. Her heavy breathing began to turn into pants. Her sight became blurry, the air became thin, and there was no longer air going into her lungs.

Then sudden darkness.

She was between sleep and consciousness. A trance. Still unable to breathe but able to move, she turned around clockwise but she could not see the thing that touched her.

Fear consumed her as she felt her eyes sting with the salty water she produced. To say she was on edge was an understatement. It felt as if  she was falling of the edge into the mouth of  darkness with razor sharp teeth.

As if she wasn’t already in complete torture, she felt the rough hands of the faceless being around her neck, it’s claws pinching the skin of her throat but it didn’t try to strangle her.

I’m going to die.

Like heat on an icy day, her breathing returned. Hope washed over her washing away her past thought. If  I can breathe there is a possibility I can escape  this  nightmare. The monster might have been weakened somehow.

As if the faceless being read her mind, it chuckled right in her ear, it’s voice, octaves lower than before sent chills down her spine. She shivered as the hand around her neck tightened.

It blew a breath down her neck as if trying to taunt her.

Before her mind could comprehend, she was pulled underneath it. Face to face, it hovered above her. They were floating in complete emptiness. A ground no longer beneath them. Hand clutched in her hair, it leaned forward grinning at her.

My body, it growled tracing it’s thumb claw under her jaw.

Her eyes widened in realization of what was about to be unleashed but before a thought could be conjured, her body stiffened. The thumb that traced her jaw fell upon her lips, opening her mouth.Tears began to fall from her eyes, down her face as the being smiled. It parted it’s lips by an inch and began to suck out her entity.

Thinking this was the part of the nightmare where she wakes up she allowed her body to relax. Regret washed over her as she felt her entity fade into the dark bubble the being once stayed.

My body, it growled once again but this time it laughed. It laughed at the thought of her entity being devoured by the nightmares she never went close to…


No longer bound by her mind it woke up in the body that was once hers. Enlightened to be no longer stuck in the ratchet woman’s dreams that were trivial. The dream traveler. The nightmare. Even once called the boogieman by children. Now it could move on to whatever host it desired.

A dreams  a dream until it’s molded

A dreams a trap with splendid stories

A dreams a nightmare for you that was for me

A dreams a dream until you see me

It chanted as it got up from the bed heading towards the bedroom door. The darkness of the night and the now raging storm, caused a satisfying smile to appear upon it’s lips.


A character is me, coming for you. . . .


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  1. Great story! Just the right amount of spooky atmosphere, mixed in nicely with descriptive language and vivid imagery. I enjoyed reading it very much!


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