The Devil’s Trick by Jackson Greene


I’m gonna tell you a tale that may give you a fright,

It is a scary good story for a Halloween night.

Michael’s daddy was reading a bedtime story.

A fun one not scary or gory.

Outside you could hear all kinds of sounds.

The howl of the wind and kids laughing ‘round town.


Daddy kissed Michael’s head and reached for the light

Michael asked “Daddy, can you sleep here tonight?”

“Why?” His dad asked, wondering what could be the matter.

“He comes after three,” Michael’s teeth began to chatter.

“I’ll lay here until you fall asleep,” Dad agreed.

Little Michael said “okay” with a sigh of relief.


Laying next to Dad, Michael’s chest rose and fell.

Daddy was drifting into dreamland as well.

Outside the window, the wind quickly swooshed, swooshed, swooshes in three.

Followed by three tap, tap, taps of their sycamore tree.

A heavy BANG, BANG, BANG on the front door.

Caused Michael’s daddy to jump and hit the floor.


As Daddy stood up to go check and see,

Michael said “Daddy don’t. I told you He comes after three.”

“Michael it’s fine. Son, go back to bed.”

“If you open the door, daddy, you will be dead.”

“Go back to bed Michael,” Daddy said as he left. “I’ll be back real quick.”

“No you won’t,” Michael whispered. “You fell for the Devil’s Trick.”

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