I still Love you by Carolyn Hines

I still love you and I can’t get you out of my head.

Each day we don’t talk I feel like a broken machine that can’t run without your love.

When we do talk I get butterflies in my stomach, as I think back to the day that I messed up.

Although we are good friends I still love you and it pains me to see that it might not work again.

I will forever have feelings for you and that will never change.

I still love you for the sparkle in eyes that shine so bright.

Brighter than the moonlight that shines in the night.

I wish I could tell you how I feel deep inside but the lump in my throat feels like a snake choking me.

I still love you regardless of you loving me or not.

For there is no one in this  world that will have the same sweet smell of lilies.

Or the softness of your lips, soft as the a polar bear’s fur.

I still love you.

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