A day in the life in Bangladesh

Diary 1

Dear Diary,

  So today was another day in Bangladesh. It’s really different here. Everything is so different and new. Some are good and some are bad. Also the college is different. I found people who spoke English and found some other people who also came here for studying. Finding them made it a little easier to communicate. I hate that I don’t speak their language which is Bengali well that’s the main one. It’s really difficult to understand people. I’ve learned a few words but that’s not much help. Anyways I’m going to stop writing now because I need to get my sleep I still haven’t gotten used to the timing.



Diary 2


Dear Diary,

   I just realized I didn’t talk about the timing. The timing here in 11 hours ahead from the US. So if it’s 8:04 PM over there it’s 7:04 AM here. That’s why I said I needed to get use to the timing. But today is another day that had new and different things in it. I got to eat new things. I wasn’t really use to some of the things. Everything here tastes different even the water. I had to get use to those things to as well as the timing and the language. I got a little sick beck of the food and weather. But I’m sure I’ll get use to it soon. Now I have to go to sleep.




Diary 3

Dear Diary,

 Remember I said I got a little sick now I’m getting really sick. I think it’s the food. I didn’t go to my classes today I was so sick. But while I was looking at the news i saw something. There’s a lot of violence and kidnapping. I will have to be really careful out here. Also there is a lot of security everywhere I would have to keep my passport with me to just in case.





Diary 4

Dear Diary

 Today was a rough day. I got lost today and it was really hard to find where I was. I couldn’t find a person who spoke English for me to tell them that I was lost. It was really scary I didn’t know what to do. I was also scared about the things I saw on the news yesterday. I thought I was going to get kidnapped. Thankfully I didn’t. I called my friend from class and she came and picked me up otherwise I would’ve been lost all day. Anyways I’ll get to bed now.




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