“Nothing New” by Mikyle Robinson

To me this is nothing new

Another black man killed on the news

I try to stay positive but still sing the blues

How can I stay lifted when they keep tearing me down?

How can I let my voice be heard without making a sound?

I wonder if I’m next or if I’m just another number

Because I sit here thinking about all the black live lost this summer

I’m only seventeen just trying to survive

I want to be like my idols, you know the ones still alive

The ones who had wives, families, jobs, ambitions

Why do I feel like no one is listening?

I just want to live my life and have fun

And not think that every officer thinks I have a gun

But how can I be fed up and tired

When all the other kids want more to be desired

You know what I’ll be the change, the positive motion

And embrace my color, my hair, and cocoa butter lotion

Because for me it was when I was eleven

Still in middle school just tryna’ get even

Then I heard a name on the tv that night

Another boy, the same age as me, his name was Tamir Rice

I was confused at the time not really understanding, you see

That a kid could get shot who looked just like me

Don’t worry y’all, don’t sweat it, we’ll get there

Because we stand for equality it’s only fair

So, when you say that this poem is for us

The world needs more love, more acceptance, and more trust

Photo credit: RandyRooi@pixabay.com

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