“My Truck” by Kelly Woods

“Here in my car, I feel safest of all” – Gary Neuman – “Cars” 

One more month,

  I can fix it 

Push it till next week 

   Ameture hour

I don’t have time today 


Trying to work on a car that is slightly older than you can look like a hill,

but achieving the main goal to drive it, will be a sweet reward.

It’s going to take a lot of work, with time and patience this masterpiece will be a great accomplishment.

Knowing that you put your time and effort into a goal bigger than yourself will have a big payoff. 

Rear Differential 


Power Steering 


Saving and saving for necessary tools and supplies 

Not opening your savings account for anyone or anything, but the truck 

Scraping together money from different occasions just to get to get to to you main goal: 

An operating truck 

No working radio! 

One of the problems down on the list, but not one of the problems I want to neglect 

Having an operating stereo is something that I definitely want to have 

but before that:

Putting in key components for it to just move

Power steering  

Rear differential

Having these put in will definitely help the car:

able to be driven 

able to leave the house

able to move in any way 

I know it will take all of what I have, but it will give it all back once I’m able to drive it at least around the block. 

Visualizing what it will look like by the end of the summer has given me the edge 

to get this harty project completed :]

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