It’s a Normal Commentary Tradition, Yeah? By: Jesus Diaz

Experiment :001
Bad Boy visionaries.

A man is standing away a good measure of distance away from a household in the southern valley.
Blistering hot with the sky cloudless instead is comforted by the aurora of stars of different colors sparkling
in the sky. The ambiance proposes that the popular theory of the universe is much larger than us has been
true all along. This man is wearing multiple layers of clothing, a jagged and rough black coat that waves
down toward the back of his knees. The jacket is filled with an assortment of stickers and meaningless
symbols. His pants are skin tight with high as hell boots that reach just below his knees. His shirts are an
assortment of the darkest colors imaginable to make even your most gothic kid cringe at the sight of it. His
sunglasses are by definition, in laymen’s terms “Raw as hell.” Some might even say, they are “banging” and
even “going hard”. Real men call glasses like these bad-boy visionaries. He begins to stop staring like a
Pop tart and wipe the dust (It is actually dander, an audacious amount as a matter of fact.) off of his hat hat-
a hat that would convince you that he has traveled to our time from the past where his military exploits are
quite popular in Africa. He stops staring at the house and makes his steps toward its door. Each step is more
tempting to yell out fireball answers.
He makes his final steps towards the door of the house, it’s wooden carved disgusting termite-infested
the wooden exterior would convince young timothy down the lane that NFTs are a worthy investment. With a
slight inch of saliva drenching down his lip, he puts a hand toward gold and turn the knob, and opens the door
of the house. Inside exists nothing but a single Futon, a dirty disgusting coke-stained futon. But that fails to
be the main attraction of this house. In this house 4 figures are visible. On top of the mattress with X’s on
his hands and knuckles written and tattered with by a marker to spell out the words “drug free.” He has a
top hat and black hair with red highlights just barely at the edge of his hair. Despite how incredibly handsome
this individual sounds, the most notable aspect of him are his 3 fingers and the fact he is a stick. Like a
stick. He is a literal stick figure.

He has a chipped tooth and is always depressed. This one is named Draketh, and he is a straight edge
occasionally edgy, always kino kinda guy.
To the right of his is a figure that reeks of slime. He is a gross and miserable-looking man. He is a “doomer”.
Not only that, but he is small. Furthermore, he wears a black sweater that matches with his scary black beanie. He is a frog. He is
Deadmemefrog. Like, his name is deadmemefrog. Among these two also exists some Brit wearing a hoodie
and an Asian guy in danganronpa cosplay, but those don’t matter anywhere near as much as these two. The
man sits down with these individuals. With this single action of his ass hitting this hardwood termite-infested
floor the game is set, the time is now. The people are ready, the world is ready, and You are ready. We are no
longer in Kansas anymore Alice.

Experiment :002
Spaceship Entrepreneurship
“We are in a weaponized distinguished social environment. The world is a space, the outer layer is gone
and the world is gone. Life is only a social climb where society reflects nothing more than just
a conceptual desire that we shoot asteroids. Shakespeare said the world is all in a single stage. The world is
ours it is all simply ours to wr-.” suddenly a knife is stabbed in the back of the man going on his extremely
funny pseudo intellectual rambles. The man speaking was weezis. Who was weezis? He was the
danganronpa cosplayer, I told you he would not matter he just died. Sadly for the man who killed him (It
was the brit, his name is solar) He was seen killing poor weezis by The man the entire first experiment was
talking about. A meeting is called.
Draketh-Who called?
Deadememefrog-Your mom
Man-Solar did the dirty?
Draketh done at what point?
Deadmemefrog-Imma dip for a second, I need some food
Solar-I was in the terminals
Man-Nah he trifling he was in the compact storm.
Draketh-I am watching periscope
Solar-Trust me Draketh
Drakath-What is their to trust
Deadmemefrog- I am so back
Draketh-That’s crazy
Draketh-Man what happened
Man-Not much time left
Man-I watched solar absolutely decimate the back and destroy weezis
Solar-Shut up, you smell.

Solar-let’s vote memefrog
Man-What the hell
Draketh- I am going solar
MemeFrog-sorry this sandwich was bangin
Man-Voting solar
The votes are in, solar is ejected from his pilot’s seat and blown into space.
Draketh-Alright I have to go
Draketh-Same day next month
Draketh just disconnects, like he is really mean for no reason

Experiment :003
Cowboy shit
Entry 1:
I got up from my computer after disconnecting, eyes baggy like all hell absolutely plummeting into my own
heart throbbing calculation of pure exhaustion
Entry 2:
This anime is boring, I am so tired and I have no mercy in my soul to go down and watch AEW
Entry 3:
This is tiring, currently going down and awaiting a batch of cereal for energy
Entry 4:
Got the cereal and eating it upstairs, hoping to watch AEW alone again
Entry 5:
My damn brother will not leave me the hell alone and allow me to sit my desk and eat my cereal while
watching AEW alone
Entry 6:
I need to clarify on my recent tweet that I do not like slug and his fellas I just find them entertaining.
Entry 7:
This aew card goes hard as always.
Entry 8:
I wanna sleep but I can’t fall asleep just yet. My ass wants to watch some Movies now and I don’t wanna go
downstairs and put this bowl away.
Entry 9:
Hangman is so cool, he does that cool cowboy shit stuff.
Entry 10:
Still a nice card, always cool to see hangman on rampage
Entry 11:
Oh hook line and sinker the spoon feel down the drain
Entry 12:
I am too tired for any of this, I’m just going to go to bed, until next week for dynamite, hopefully on the TV
this time, until next month for another amongus game.
Entry 13:
I can’t sleep
Entry 14:

Entry 15:
I make cute doodles.

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