My lover was a day

As time changes we all grow different 

As time changes we all change with it

As time changed my mind still said redundant things

My mind still said were meant to be

My mind said that it wasn´t savory as it could be

My mind changed to say you could be my love again

Staring down the light you can find me in the tunnel

Straight down the road, you can find me with a sign

Sitting very still with my mind on my grind

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I sometimes really wonderd if it was ever truly real

Keeping up my hope and wishing for your callback

Breaking down the dwell of my intrinsic-anxieties

If you ever knew to stray away from my path

To keep yourself in limbo and hang by my threads

You probably would have never known about the things I would say

The lies, I beheld with my face tuned in with Gray

Sleeping in my hole in my cosmic fractured insecurities

Reaching for the point with my mind on its sway

Seeming out of reach as you reached me at light speed

To sing about my love and lie with no responsibility 

To keep you in touch so you can always hear me

Further down the road, you can find my mind

Saying I could get by with your lies

To figure my love was never true

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