Part 1&2 of “The Rise of the Crytal King”

Written by Tim Ong

Completed Video:

Bonus Video:

 (Scene 1 and 2 were omitted from the final cut)

Scene 3

Part 1: Mechanic Diversion

The scene opens onto a village that has people screaming. As the camera shows the town littered with debris and destruction, the ninja make their way to the scene.

Scene 4

As people are running and hiding. The ninja ask questions to the village folk about what the attacker looks like. After getting information from several people, they are able to figure out that the vandalizer is the mechanic.

Lloyd: What’s going on here? Why are people screaming?! Townsman Tom: The Mechanic! He’s terrorizing our town! (Flees)

Lloyd: The Mechanic? Oh please, what’s the worst this guy can do? Hack our phones so they say “Obey the Mechanic?”

Zane: Illogical, the Mechanic has been behind 39 other unsolved crimes, he is smarter than that.

Jay: I keep telling you, we should upgrade Zane’s humor coding

The camera quickly cuts to the mechanic burning a house with his mechanic arm and then shows the ninja in shock


They all split up to go look for him feeling as though taking them down will be relatively easy. The ninja are seen going in different directions where then the scene changes focus to Lloyd, who is wandering around looking for the mechanic when they hear a strange noise coming from a dark alley. After walking towards it to inspect it, they get snatched and pulled into the darkness.

Lloyd: Alright Mechanic.. It’s over! Come out! Lloyd: Wait.. what’s that?

Lloyd finds a crate and goes to inspect it before getting zapped by the Mechanic Lloyd: Is that.. Vengestone? –AHHH!

Scene 5

The focus switches to Zane who after running for quite some time, manages to find the mechanic. The mechanic taunts him, urging him to come closer. (don’t make the reference) The Mechanic: Oh? You’re approaching me?

Zane: I can not beat the stolen technology off of you without getting any closer.

Zane rushes in to attack after calculating the best predicted method to beat him. Right when Zane is about to use his spinjitzu, the Mechanic’s hologram cuts out and it releases a rope to capture and disable Zane

Zane: What?! Why can’t I use my elemental powers?!

The Mechanic: Come on Zane, you don’t remember vengestone?

Scene 6

The scene refocuses on all of the other ninjas who can’t find Zane and Lloyd. Jay: Guys?! I saw the Mechanic run down this direction!

Kai: What do you mean?! I was just following him?! Cole: Wait, you two saw him?! I was just behind him! Nya: I don’t understand.. Was he always this fast?! Jay: Lloyd? Did you see the mechanic?

Jay: Lloyd?

Kai: Lloyd’s missing?!

Cole: Lloyd went in YOUR direction Jay, I thought you knew where he went! Jay: What?! I didn’t even see Lloyd! I saw the Mechanic!

Jay: There is no way this could get worse right?

Nya: Zane! Try scanning the environment for Lloyd! Zane? Jay: Ah come on! Zanes missing too?!

Kai: This was just a diversion! We have to regroup at the dojo temple!

(7 was cut)

Scene 8

 PART 2: The Crystal King

The scene opens to Lloyd waking up in a cell with cuffs attached to his arms (can be just a stud)

Lloyd: huh? Where am I? (Confused) Zane: Hello Lloyd. We are in a cell.

Lloyd: Zane! You’re here too?

Zane: Yes, we have been here for approximately 3 hours 42 minutes and 9 seconds Zane: 10 seconds

Zane: 11 seconds

Zane: 12 seconds Lloyd: Uh, Zane… Zane: Hm?

Lloyd: You’re not worried?

Zane: I’m more concerned with the armed nindroid watching over us. Lloyd: The what?

The scene next shows Mr. F showing off his rifle with a vignette effect and probably the

ゴ ゴ ゴ symbol Lloyd: Oh.

Mr.F: *intense staring*

Sound of a metal door can be heard opening Mr.F: *looks over*

Disembodied deep voice is heard near the cell

???: Hello there…

Pythor is revealed as he uncloaks himself (he was originally invisible) Pythor: Old friend…

Lloyd: Pythor!? What are you doing here?

Pythor: I’ve come to FREE you. Just like you freed me all those years ago from the Anacondrai tomb. Hehheh


Pythor: Ah don’t look at me like that. After all, don’t you want to see all your friends? Lloyd: How can I trust you after every other thing you’ve done to me and my friends?! Lloyd: You’ve tried reawakening the devourer, supporting the overlord’s takeover, and even tried murdering my Mother!

Pythor looks at Mr.F, gesturing for him to open the cell The cell opens and pythor slides in

Lloyd: You’re gonna regret this Pythor! Lloyd: Ninjaaaa-

Zane: Lloyd don’t!

Pythor pushes a button on a remote and Lloyd suddenly slams to the ground Lloyd: AH! What the-

Pythor: Hm, impressive. The mechanic really outdid himself with these weighted cuffs. Lloyd: Huh?

Pythor: Aw, what’s wrong? Can’t use your spinjitzu anymore? Lloyd is on the ground struggling to move

Zane: It’s useless Lloyd. I’ve already tried the same thing Pythor: (annoyed voice) 7 times might I add…

Zane: My arm joints nearly snapped after the last attempt Lloyd: …

Pythor: Come on!

Pythor grabs Lloyd and Zane, bringing them out of the cell. He then drags them out the doorway.

Scene 9

The scene opens to Pythor taking Lloyd and Zane down a tunnel hidden within the Hidden Side Highschool.

Lloyd: Where are you taking us? Pythor: (No response)

Lloyd: Psst, Zane I have a plan to get us out of here..

Lloyd stomps Pythor’s tail and he screams in pain (Wilhelm scream?) Lloyd: ZANE RUN!

Zane: You could’ve done that more stealthily as everyone knows we’ve escaped now.. Lloyd: I didn’t see any other opening apart from stomping his tail

Pythor:Don’t let them escape!

Pythor yells as he rushes towards them trying to recapture the ninja. He chases them down the hall unknowingly bringing them closer and closer to a certain person not too far away.

 Scene 10

Camera scene rezooms on Lloyd and Zane running and hiding into another room. Pythor then comes into the scene after Lloyd and Zane hide inside and the door locks

Pythor out, pythor tries banging on the door and the scene changes to Lloyd locking the door by destroying the wiring

Lloyd: Okay, we’re safe- what the heck?! Zane: This doesn’t seem good.

The scene changes to a scene where an army of vengestone warriors stand, they all begin to turn to the ninja and slowly start walking towards Lloyd and Zane one at a time.

Zane: Lloyd! Defend me! I’m going to try to activate my weapons systems! Lloyd: Okay! Got it!

Lloyd goes in to hit one of the warriors and it does nothing Lloyd: Oh you’re kidding!

Lloyd finds a random katana and tries swinging at the warrior, the katana suddenly breaks Lloyd: It’s one of those moments.. Zane, hurry! I can’t defend us forever!

Zane: My weapons systems are activated! I’m blowing up the door with my explosive shurikens! Lloyd back up!

The door explodes and Lloyd and Zane run out the room, Lloyd gets grabbed by Pythor, who was cloaked, and Lloyd tells Zane to run and escape

 Scene 11

Zane runs aimlessly trying to find an exit. Zane then finds somewhere to duck down and hide, holds out his arm to open a holographic monitor to search the Newbury’s school blueprints and looks around before running to the cafeteria.

The scene changes to the cafeteria, where all the generals (minus pythor), are having lunch Aspherra: Can you pass the milk? Thanks.

Vangelis: Y’know this reminds me of a story when- Vangelis: Wait- is that

*dead silence*


Zane grabs a cup and shatters it on Aspherra’s head as she charges at Zane

The Mechanic tries to change his gauntlet arm into a flamethrower and Zane blocks it using a table or nearby object as Vangelis tries to catch Zane off-guard

Zane kicks or punches the object used to block himself from the Mechanic’s flamethrower to the Mechanic and Zane uses spinjitzu to KO Vangelis

 Scene 12

Aspherra, Vangelis, and the Mechanic grab Zane

The ninja bust through the door and Cole uses Spinjitzu burst to literally blast Vangelis against a wall

Cole: Zane! You’re alright!

Zane: Guys! It is good to see you again. I only estimated a 2.7% chance of your arrival. Jay: Ow.

Zane: There’s no time to waste! Lloyd’s still here! Kai: He’s not with you?!

Aspherra: Don’t let them get to the Green Ninja!

Vangelis: Aspherra, wait. We have to get to Harumi, but as long as the ninja don’t find Lloyd, we can still complete our plan.

Lloyd gets tossed into the room that Harumi is in

Lloyd: Tsk, let go! What do you want from me and Zane? A mysterious figure steps out in front of Lloyd

Harumi: Hello there… Green Ninja


 Scene 13

Lloyd: H-Harumi!? What are you doing here?!

Harumi: Getting revenge on the one who took everything from me.

Harumi: You’re here, because I need you Lloyd. I need you for my Ultimate Plan. Lloyd: Ultimate plan?

Harumi: Yes, in fact you play a vital role in that plan.

Harumi: I suppose your Nindroid friend did play a vital role too.. Lloyd: HARUMI! IF YOU HURT ZANE I’M GONNA-

Pythor ties down Lloyd so he can’t escape and slithers to his position in the ritual with the other generals

Harumi begins to lay Vengestone/Crystals around Lloyd and moves back to her position Lloyd: What’s going on?!

Harumi: You’ll see.

Harumi raises one hand towards Lloyd and starts reciting the ritual. (If possible reverse the audio for this voiceline. If not keep it normal) “The day has come for you to rise. To come once more and claim your prize. With the power of this warrior of Green. I use this vengestone to let thy work be seen.

The room glows purple and the camera quickly switches to the ninja

 Scene 14

Scene zooms to the ninja who have discovered the ritual Cole: Somethings going on in there!

Zane: Quickly! We have to move!

The ninja storm the room and spot Lloyd Kai: Lloyd! NO!


The ninja are being held up for too long and are each thrown down with their golden weapons being taken from them

Get big parts of the crystals to be set up in front of Lloyd as it builds

The generals are hit with beams that transform each weapon into their crystalized versions and Lloyd is thrown at one of the ninja. The camera pans from the floor to the crystal king revealing him.

Harumi: It’s time for him to set his place as the rightful ruler of ninjago.. The Crystal King walks forwards to the ninja

Crystal King: *sinister chuckle* Harumi: Say hello to the Crystal King. Zane: Is that..

Nya: The overlord.

 Scene 15

Jay: We have to retreat, NOW!

Lloyd: No! We have to stay and put the overlord back to where he came!

Jay: Listen, we don’t know what his new form can do so we have to get out of here before he folds us like fresh laundry!

Lloyd: Fine! Guys! Let’s go!

The Mechanic: They’re getting away!

Crystal King: Let them go. There won’t be anywhere to hide soon.

Crystal King: Harumi. Did you create those Vengestone soldiers like I ordered?

Harumi: Yes. They’re ready to go.

Crystal King: Good. Prepare to launch a full scale invasion on the ninja and the city.

The ninja arrive at the dojo temple and rush inside Wu: Ah, Ninja! You’re back! How was-

Lloyd: Master! We don’t have much time– the overlord has returned to Ninjago! Wu: The overlord?!

Kai: Yeah! And with four arms! Jay: Like that’s new.

Lloyd: Harumi also used crystals in order to summon the Overlord. Is this going to be an issue?

Wu: I can go check the scrolls to see if there is any information on these crystals-


Aspherra: Hello again, treacherous deceiver.. Wu: Aspherra!?

Cole: How did they find us?!

Harumi: Your nindroid friend very generously gave us the coordinates of each of your bases. Meaning, there is nowhere to hide.

Vangelis: We’re here for VENGEANCE! Cole: Here we go again.

Pythor: Crystal army- ATTACK!

*A few warriors come in to attack Jay: What are those things?!

Kai: They’re about to become sliced pieces of meat in a sec’! Kai grabs a golden katana in hopes to defend himself

Lloyd: Kai, wait! You can’t hurt them with regular weapons! Kai hits a warrior and the sword breaks

Kai: oops.

Kai gets hit by a crystal warrior with a hammer into a pile of crates

Kai: That REALLY didn’t help my back.

Lloyd: Well, let’s see how you do against my POWERS!

Lloyd tries to fire a beam of NRG at a warrior but nothing happens Lloyd: no. NO! NONO! This can’t be happening again!

Lloyd evades a swing from the warrior and gets in front of Wu Wu: Lloyd! Why aren’t you using your powers?!

Lloyd: I’m trying! It won’t work!

Cole: Master! Do you know where you have the scrolls?

Wu: They’re in the library near the upstairs of the Temple. Cole: Alright. Thanks.

Zane: Lloyd. We can’t fight these warriors. Literally. I suggest a tactical retreat! Jay: Tactical retreat?! They know all of our bases! We can’t go anywhere!

Wu: Not exactly. We have another base, however it is quite far. Kai: I’ll see if I can clear a path using Spinjitzu! NINJAGO!

Kai: Quickly! This way!

 Scene 16

Everyone but Cole follows Kai to the landbounty to escape.

Scene changes to Cole running through the halls of the temple to find the library and finally Earth Punches through the door and searches the boxes

Cole: No.. not in here.. Cole: Not there..

Cole: What’s my Comic book doing here? Cole: Whatever! I’ll just grab.. THIS ONE!

Cole rushes out of the room and is met with Vangelis blocking his path Cole: You.

Vangelis: Hello Cole. It is time we settle what we started in Shintaro. Cole: Started? C’mon you know you caused your own downfall!

Vangelis: LIES!

Vangelis lunges at Cole and attacks him with the Scythe of Quakes

A fight begins as Vangelis is slowly shaking the temple, slowly destroying its supports. Cole: C’mon Vangelis? Where’s your skull of hazza’dur?

Vangelis: BE QUIET!

Cole hits Vangelis with his weapon and Vangelis hits a wall with the scythe of Quakes, landing the final blow to the temple and causing it to collapse

Vangelis: Well, Earth Ninja, your fate is sealed. (Flies Away).

Cole begins to run towards the exit of the Temple and runs as debris falls behind him and Cole jumps out to safety

Cole: Well, what now?

Cole’s Dragon Cruiser drives to the side of Cole and Cole turns to look at it

PIXAL: I was going to save this for your birthday, however, Zane informed me that you were not on the Landbounty with the other ninja.

Cole: Thanks PIXAL! Inform the others that I’m on my way! Written by Tim Ong

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